Sunday, April 29, 2012

Summer is arriving too quick !

Oooh noo, so much to do so little time. I've been slacking off, well not really but it seems like it when I get my nose stuck in so many things and don't get it all done.

Vanfest is coming up quick in just over a month now. I've been doing the Vanfest website since about 2003 and been on the staff for as long. I totally revamped the website in the past couple of days to attract a bit more attention to it: Vanfest 2012 website . This year there will also be a special memorial to Al Brown who passed away this past Christmas. I'll post more about that once we iron out the details.
 I mentioned a couple of posts back about going to Ivan Benic's during my trip to Autorama. Ivan's been very busy redoing the murals on the Cosmic Cruiser, building an incredible supercar, building another radical tandem Dodge van and a variety of other projects. Yesterday he had 100 gearheads through his shop on tour from Detroit. I had the great opportunity to hang out with Ivan all afternoon in his shop and had a very nice dinner prepared by his mother who is absolutely incredible.
Here's a closeup of some of the new artwork on the Cosmic Cruiser.

Here's a shot of Ivan's Supercar project, it's a fully handbuilt aluminum body. The plan is for it to have a 500hp rear mounted engine. It will scream ! Ivan's been posting regularly on Facebook. You can try to keep up with all the stuff he's been doing over there. Look forward to seeing him again at Vanfest and maybe before if things work out.

One of the things that interested me the most about vans from day one is the creativity that goes into the body mods and the artwork on the vans. There's a whole new generation of artists who are using vans as their subjects and or canvases. I'll be showcasing some of their work and linking up their websites. In the past year I've been fortunate to hang out with some of them and to be able to buy artwork from others.
The artists creating van art range from artists who do renderings, airbrush artists and photographic artists who choose vans as their subjects or canvas'.
I've added to the Van Art section of and will add more as needed.


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hot shit! 'd love to see one of these on the streets!

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nice idea.. thanks for sharing.