Sunday, November 20, 2011

The 2012 Showvans calendar is sold out.

Finally got a chance to see the 2012 Showvans calendar yesterday and send out some of the final orders. The printer once again did a bang up job. My buddy Johnny O did an incredible job mailing out 90% of the orders last week, that was a huge help this year especially.
This calendar project started in 2004 as a labor of love and turned into a lot of work trying to outdo the previous version and trying to keep everyone happy. It went from mostly a northeast thing to a world wide thing with a full 1/4 of orders coming from overseas this year.
The 2012 calendar is sold out, I have to scramble ro cover 2 remaining orders. There won't be another calendar until at least 2015 when a final 10th issue could come out to support the 2015 CofC in California.
Thanks to everyone who supported the calendars for all these years !