Thursday, August 27, 2009

2009 National Truck-In, Summit Station Pa. hosted by Moon Lite and Performance Inc.

What a great time we had at this event. So much to do so little time, photo ops at every turn. Took over 2000 pictures at the event, the best 100 can be seen here: Truckin' Magazine's 2009 National Truck-In Web Exclusive     Hopefully we'll see these hit the magazine at some point. There's also a good chance we'll be seeing the Vanfest coverage in Truckin' and a certain pirate van might be making a major appearance this fall as well. 

Dropjaw Magazine Magazine was at the Nationals as well and they have come across big time for us. They have 1700 pictures from the Nats here: Dropjaw Nats coverage     Their magazine is already out with the coverage in it as well and they even featured Mary a.k.a Miss Nat's on the cover with Metalstorm and Tub Thumpin'.  Can't wait to see this !

Here's a few of my favorite shots of the 2009 National Truck-In : 

Todd and Mary's Vanformer custom Astro van

Boop's Tub Thumpin' Astro passing Jason's chopped Econoline

Don's Pirates of the Caravan, winner of Best of Show

John's Ol' Meat Wagon custom Chevy van, winner of the Flying Eagle award, first time shown at the Nationals.

Color my world ! Junior and Glenda's Looney Tunes, Johnny O's Oasis, Ron and Aixa's Flamed and Todd and Mary's Vanformer custom vans during the Dropjaw photoshoot  

Pirates and Coop's chopped Astro called Epiphany, both amazing vans, both National Truck-In Best of Show winners. 

Showdown at Dodge City, two of the finest chopped radical custom vans ever built by Hooper and Pelc.