Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2010 Calendar is a done deal

Put the finishing touches on the calendar composition last week. The artwork will be proofed and pre pressed then off to the printer. Delivery on track for Nov 13 to hit two big hall parties in N.J and Chicago.  Will get a bit of a breather before mailing them out. 

The photo here is actually a mosaic made up of thousands of images of vans. The calendar this year is dedicated to the late John Coldren. That is his van called Plum Loco. John had Mike Lavallee the famous airbrush artist do the amazing artwork on this van. John was able to enjoy the van this summer going to many events in the Northeast. Unfortunately John passed away from cancer in early October.  We will be doing up a poster of this cover image and donating all the proceeds after expenses to the American Cancer Society in John's name.
Plans are underway to have a good showing of vans back in Detroit and things are looking good for Chicago as well.