Saturday, September 25, 2010

Showvans calendar, looking ahead to 2011

It's that time again where I have to put my nose to the grindstone and do up the calendar. This is #8 and I'm happy to say that even after 8 years there are of new vans coming onto the scene and older vans getting redone. I try to keep it fresh and add some new and interesting stuff each year. A few years ago I found the H.A.M.B (google if you don't know it). It's a traditional hot rod site and each Friday there is an incredible art show on it done by some incredible artist (some who are van owners like Notstock Photography, Church and Lordmodelbuilder). Notstock turned me on to road shots and even gave me some pointers. Well all the stars aligned on Labor Day and my long time partner in crime and photography Superbeast and I hopped in my van and started shooting 5 very hot and legendary vans on the road. We both love chopped vans, they look like they are going 60 just standing still. So go 60 with Nautilus in tow and this is what you get:                        

Nautilus legendary radical custom van rollin' towards Remember Butler 2010

This isn't even the best shot, you'll have to buy a calendar to see it, lol.
2011 is fast approaching and what better way to kick it off than with a Council of Councils in Buena Park California Feb 18-20 2011. Back in 2006 for the 2006 CofC in Anaheim Ca. I was involved with the Leftcoasters on a small scale to encourage the van and panel show. This time around will be sponsoring all the awards (unless someone else jumps for one or two). Hoping to make the show on Saturday Feb 19th a real big happening. The invites are going out to all the top van builders in the land to show their stuff. More details to follow. Vanarama 2011 will be happening as well. 2010 was a big year for vanners to get out to the indoor shows all over the U.S. Most recently there were 5 vanner vans at Charlotte Auto Expo inside, they were one of the feature attractions ! Junior, White Lightning and Flamed were there with there vans and had a great time. Had a chance to talk to Ron (Flamed) about this at Remember Butler and he couldn't say enough good things about the experience.
The next big show is in Houston Texas for the 2010 World of Wheels finals. 30 of the top 35 vehicles will there including Dave with Stardreamer, that event will be held over Thanksgiving weekend.
The 2011 Nationals will be a big one. Ohio always draws a huge crowd, easy 600+ vans expected and this being the 50th Anniversary of the Econoline and Corvan we're encouraging as many early vans as possible to make the trip. We're also hoping for a wicked photoshoot with all 50 years of Econolines represented. Here's a  Ford press release on 50th anniversary of the Econoline

Keep an eye out for the 38th National Truck-In coverage in upcoming Truckin' and DropJaw Magazine. Glenn from DropJaw has made 3 appearances at 2010 van events already, thanks for the support buddy !