Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2008 vanning season almost done

With 2008 winding down we have the events of 2009 to look forward to. Busy getting the 2009 Vannin' calendar together now. The pictures to be used for the main features have been selected but still need to figure out the cover.
My last big event of the year was Remember Butler in Butler Pa. on Labor Day. Three River Vans do a great job with this event and the numbers were actually up this year with close to 200 vans there.

Ken's Shelby themed Econoline custom van

Flying Eagle II custom van originally built by Greg of Akron and meticulously restored by Coop

John's Stallion custom van originally built in the mid 70's and believe it or not the mural was done at the same time. Seen here at Remember Butler 2008.

It takes a vanner to a Scooby Doo van right and this is among the finest I have seen.