Thursday, July 17, 2008

National Truck-In this weekend Altamont Illinois

The "Nationals" the largest custom van event of the year with around 500 custom vans is happening as I write this and I am not there, :(. So I thought I'd start this blog and help get vanning on the map a wee bit more. We've been flying beneath the radar for many years now since the 70's vanning fad went away.  But each and every year there is a bit of a buzz among the thousands of vanners still active when companies like Honda, Verizon, Bluenotes and Alltel have all used custom vans in their ads.  
The following pictures and video were taken in 2008 at van events in New York and Ontario Canada of vans from Vermont, Pennsylvania and Canada.

Vanning is alive and well in 2008, we're trying to spread the word. The national truck magazines
are very hard to convince that we are once again worthy of coverage.

Nautilus, radical chopped custom Dodge van from the 70's newly refurbished at Vanfest 2008

Alpine Express, winner of Best of Show 2007 Nationals

Tub Thumpin and Nautilus two of the most radicals vans from two different eras

Newly refreshed Visions, updated with late model lights and grille treatment at Lost 2008, N.Y