Friday, October 15, 2010

Good things come to those who wait ... 4 pages in Truckin'

28 years ago I had a story and pictures in Truckin' featuring 2 of our club's vans at an ISCA show in Montréal. Fast forward to yesterday and I get a call from one of my major partners in crime and mentor Howard letting me know that Issue 13 of Truckin' is out with our 2010 National Truck-In feature. There are 4 pages of coverage including many pictures that Ken and I took as well as the story that Howard and I wrote that went almost unedited. What a great feeling it was to hear all of this but the first thing I asked was if the credits were right, unfortunately they left out Superbeast's name. I hope to make that right when this coverage runs on the website and will be sure to include all the names in triplicate if we're asked to do this again. I have yet to see the actual magazine. You can bet that when I do I'll be buying a few of them and maybe give some to those who helped make this happen and encouraged me all along with this and the many other things I get into.

The Van Creeps are doing a van show in Costa Mesa Ca. this weekend. A prelude to what Ed from Truckin' describes as the "humongous" show we'll be having in Buena Park. So get out there and support the event this weekend and make sure to invite everything to the CofC show. For more info:
I'm hoping to see many pictures posted from the event. Our friends from Wheels of Confusion will be there with a bunch of their awesome vans.

Van Creeps website

Putting the final touches on the 2011 calendar. It needs to go to Pat Altruk for pre-press in the next week and then off to the printer. Scheduled arrival date in your mailboxes Nov 12. The cover is always one of the toughest pages to do. Here's an idea that I have for it so far. This is not the final cover, this image may not even be on the cover but it will be featured prominently within if it's not. If you order by Nov 1 it will guarantee that you will get it in time for Christmas, any orders after that date will likely arrive in 2011. This is a non profit project, the bulk of the profits from calendar sales will be going towards the 2011 CofC in Buena Park California Feb 18-20. The van show on Feb 19th will be sponsored entirely by these proceeds, if your interested in sponsoring a trophy or anything else with regards to the van show let me know.