Friday, December 7, 2012

Moon Eyes, Vanfest in Mini Truckin', 2 new vanner magazines issues, van art, 2014 van show ...

Winter has yet to set in up here yet and all I can think about is the warmth of California. Maybe it's because of the huge Moon Eyes show this coming weekend. It will likely be the largest gathering of show vans in California this year. Matchstick is headed down to this show to launch Custom Vanner Magazine #5 that also includes a 2013 calendar. Matt is launching Rolling Heavy Issue 2 there as well, you'll see some of John Jackson's work in that issue. Coby will also be at Moon Eyes with the long awaited print of the award winning Vango logo. Some period correct 70's vans stole the Moon Eyes Yokohama Japan show last weekend, they are all over the internet already. VCVC has a wicked looking 2013 calendar as well. The bar has been raised very high this year for all things that vanners are doing in print, that is a great thing !
The 2012 Vanfest coverage is in the latest Mini Truckin Magazine, only a glimpse of vans in the background but this is the first national publication to run coverage of Vanfest. Huge thanks to Jessica and all the mini truckers who put this great coverage together. That whole adventure to get the coverage ended up with Jessica marrying John Mata, the editor of Mini Truckin during the 2012 SEMA week. We'll have John up here for Vanfest 2013. If we don't get the vans from Vanfest 2012 covered in a magazine we'll see if John can help us get them into Truckin' in 2013. He works down the hall from the Truckin' people. Getting back to California, the wheels are in motion to do another calendar for 2014. it would be the 10th and final edition of the Showvans calendar. Should there be a 2014 CofC in California the funds will once again be used to finance the van show. If that doesn't happen I'm looking into co-producing a show in the late spring/early fall of 2014 down there. One of the hottest car culture artists on the planet has already offered to do the poster for it. This time we would have the top van related artists in California displaying their wares at the show and I'll try to convince my friends at Wheels of Confusion to do a Slow Ride that weekend to coincide with the show.