Saturday, March 24, 2012

2012 Megaspeed Toronto

They like to reinvent their car show names here in Toronto. But Megaspeed sure reminded me of Performance World and that's a good thing.
We had two vans in there. I managed to convince Eric to put MUD BOS into the show this year.It didn't take much arm twisitng as he was pretty much into it right from the get go. Now convincing my fellow vanners to enter shows is what I do best, actually helping them get their vans ready for the show was a whole new experience for me as usually I'm dealing with getting vanners from far away into shows equally far away. So this time around I did put in a few hours getting MUD BOS spiffed up for the big show and helped get it there and back. We brought it to the show Thursday night and set it up for the show that started Friday morning. On Saturday a good bunch of vanners passed through during the day and my good buddy Steve a.k.a Ghostrider spent the day with us. It was a good weekend. MUD BOS went over very well. It was without a doubt one of the most popular vehicles in the room that we were in with about 30 other vehicles. Eric's video compilation went over very well with the crowd as there were few interactive displays in the show. All that being said MUD BOS was passed by for any awards which was disappointing but unfortunately a fact of life at these carshows for some reason.
MUD BOS at Megaspeed on the Thursday night.

Miss Megaspeed with MUD BOS. We had  abevy of beauties posing with it all weekend long.

John Jackson was there with the Boogie Van in the feature area. He was fortunate to come up to Canada in style in the RPM rig that also carried two of their muscle cars. John presented Ken with his metal print of California Special and Alpine, it's amazing how the metal makes his photographic art pop even more.
John and Ken with a metal print of California Special.

I was hoping that wemight see John back up here for Vanfest, but he'll be going on the Hot Rod Power Tour which will open up the opportunity for more vanners to meet him, see the Boogie Van and maybe get some pictures taken of their vans. This weekend he's at Motorama in Buffalo.
The Boogie Van in the show. You need to see it to truly appreciate it. John's put 140,000 miles on it in 4 years. It's not just a trailer queen, lol.

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