Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vanarama 2012 kicks off in St Petersburg Florida

Vanarama 2012 started off today in St Petersburg Florida at the CofC van show. Don't have all the details but I do have this picture thanks to Tim B one of the gurus of early Econolines. The show was partially sponsored by Showvans and fortunately Snotty from Moon Lite was able to bring some of the 2012 Vanarama banners down there fresh from the printer.
Vanners are getting ready to show their vans in Motorama and Autorama this month as well. Kurk from has done a great job coordinating the 10 vans entered in Motoroma and also got a call from Carlisle events this week. They want to feature vans at the 2012 Carlisle Truck Nationals which is the largest custom truck event there is. This is all pretty new so we'll have more info posted doen the line.


sri said...

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Unknown said...

Hmm sounds familiar, must be a old employee.

Unknown said...

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