Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Al Brown, 1930-2011 R.I.P

Al Brown left us on Christmas Day, at the very feisty age of 81 years old. Al pretty much started organized vanning in Canada way back in the early 70's and actively participated in it with his last event being Vanfest 2011 this past June. The wheels are in motion to properly recognize Al for his dedication to vanning. Here's a collage of mainly recent photos of Al with some of his many friends.


Anonymous said...

Like Al used to say, "once a vanner always a vanner". We used to trade stories about vanning, and vanners for many years on the internet and how vanning had evolved from the beginning to the present days. We talked about the great times we had with all the friends past and present that we made. My last conversation with Al was when he told me he had been to the doctors, and was told the outlook was not good, but as Al was always on a positive mode, he said that he was very fortunate to have made a great life through his own family and his vanner family. He will be greatly missed, but for myself it was an honor and a privilege to be his friend. All I can say to my friend Al, is.. thank you for the memories buddy, you will be missed but not forgotten. Ron Duguay

Unknown said...

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