Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lost Memorial 2009

Back from this great event that surprisingly got a bit bigger this year. Although we were missing a good bunch of regulars we somehow got a good bunch of newcomers to this excellent event with the largest attendance ever at 255 vans and trucks. There were a few vans making their grand reappearances after makeovers or first time out with full wraparound murals. Great to see my many vanner friends from the Northeast once again and fellow blogger Cap'n Scurvy, his wife and son he calls Van.

This is John's Plum Loco, the van was airbrushed over the winter by Mike Lavallee famous for his flames and appearances on Overhaulin'. It just happened that we had the perfect background for it right on the grounds of the event.

Mike is a well known van customizer, his Dodge van called Machina has won most of the top awards all across the Northeast. Just for fun he decided to build a chopped van. He calls it Kool Blue:

Here is Trish's van called Emerald City. In just about the perfect light here Dreamweaver's artistic talents show through in the airbrush work.

These vans will all likely be going to the 2009 Nationals and be back at the Greenwich grounds next July for the 2010 National Truck-In.


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Anonymous said...

love the vans from the 70's.I live in alberta canada. looking for a early 70 ford van (boogie)I have a 1958 western flyer bus that is supper cool and super rare need to have the van to pull behind
Thank You

Leon E. VanArnum said...

dear sir, I have a 2008 chevy cargo van and I would like to customize it. I dont know where to start looking, can you give some advice as to where too go. Thank You for reading this.

Unknown said...

This was a Great time and plenty of things to do.Had some fun. Getting ready for the Van Nationals that will be held on these grounds in 2010.

Showvans.com Keep up the Great Job,love all the pictures.